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FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

1. How to become member / register on '' website?
You can fill registration form with correct profile information to become registered member. System will send you a verification mail to your entered email id, click on that mailed link which will make your account verified. After that '' team will check all your submitted details to activate your account. After activating your account, you can use website features to search perfect life partner.

2. Forgot my account password?
Sign in page has a link named 'Forgot Password?'. Please click on it which will open a page. On this page you will have to enter your email id which you used at the time of registration then enter correct security code and submit that form. System will send you a secure link to change your password via email. You have to click on that mailed link which will open reset password page where you can enter new secured password (combination of alphabate, numeric and special symbols) two times and submit that form.

3. How to sign in & change password?
Registered member can sign in (login) by entering email and password to sign in page into account. After login, 'My Account' page has many features to manage account. Logged in member can change password by clicking on 'Change Password' link. On change password page, member enters old / existing password one time and new password two times and submit that form.

4. What is best way of searching your life partner on our website?
Our '' website has lots of criterias to search your best life partner, which are;
     a) Basic Search
     b) Advanced Search
     c) Profile Id Search
     d) Who Is Online
     e) Special Cases Search
     f) Astrology Search
     g) Location / Google Map Search
     h) Partner Preference Search

You will get all search results in two ways, first in profiles detail format and second one is on google map.

5. Can you save your search results or search criterias for further use?
Yes, Our website provides you "Save & Search" feature under all search tabs. There is 'My Saved Searches' link on my account page to see those saved search results again which saves your time.

6. How to update my profile information and photos / videos?
Please login into your account and go to my account page. By clicking on 'Manage Profile' link you can update your profile details. System provides your profile information in group format under tabs. You can update your profile information as you feel comfort. If you enter correct and best profile information on our website, your profile will be selected as featured member profile automatically which will display on website's all pages.

7. How to set password of my uploaded images?
Just login into your account and follow below steps;
     a. Go to "Dashboard" page
     b. Click on "Manage Profile" link in left panel.
     c. Choose "Photos & Videos" tab.
     d. There are two options to set password. i) We can set password at the time of uploading image / video. ii) We can set password by clicking on 'Actions' -> 'Set Password' options. Which will display a popup to enter related image / video password, you want to set and just press "Save" button.

8. How can you manage your message board?
Message board contains inbox, sent, trash and detail pages. Inbox is used to see all received message which are sent by other profile members. You can see all messages which are sent by you to other members. All deleted messages either from Inbox or Sent will be available in Trash. Once if you delete any message from Trash, there will no option to restore / recover again. Detail page displays full of detail of a particular message. You can send messages from any member's profile detail page.

9. How can I contact to my life partner or their parents?
'Contact Now' button on member's profile detail page displays contact information of that profile member. Contact information is available in format of email id or telephone number.

10. Can I print any member profile details?
Our website provides you 'Print Profile' button to print a particular profile detail. Profile detail is provided in format of PDF file which you can store on your system for further communication or can print anytime when you need.

11. How to ignore or block unwanted profiles?
You can restrict and block all unwanted requests by clicking on 'Block Profile' button on that profile's detail page. After that you will never get any notification or message from that blocked profile.

12. How to check my profile's statistics?
There are many options to check your profile's interest and statistics. Just go to 'My Account' page and click on 'Profile Statistics' link, which contains many statistics features as;
     a. Who viewed my profile?
     b. Who viewed my contact information?
     c. My favorite profiles.
     d. Who made favorite my profile.
     e. My blocked profiles
     f. Who blocked my profile.

13. How can you post new advertisement, success story and testimonial?
You can post advertisement in text / image format, success story and testimonial. Our team will check all posted request and update you via mail and publish your posted information, if they are correct.

14. How can you send your general inquiries / suggestions / feedback / report abuse / technical support etc?
'' website has contact us page, where you can post your all inquiries, suggestions, feedback, report abuse and technical support requests.

15. How can you donate us?
Our website doesn't have any branch and we don't take any type of donation or gift so please do not make payment in any way, if anyone requests you.

We are trying to deliver you our best features to meet your life partner.
Thanks for using our services :)

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