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Safety Tips

1. How to keep login detail confidential?
Do not share your personal account's login credentials with anyone. If you are not using your personal computer / phone, do not save account email & password in browser.

2. How to ignore or block unwanted profiles?
You can restrict and block all unwanted requests by clicking on 'Block Profile' button on that profile's detail page. After that you will never get any notification or message from that blocked profile until you unblock that again.

3. How to set password of your uploaded images?
Just login into your account and follow below steps;

a. Go to "Dashboard" page

b. Click on "Manage Profile" link in left panel.

c. Choose "Photos & Videos" tab.

d. There are two options to set password.

     i) You can set password at the time of uploading image / video.

     ii) You can set password by clicking on "Actions" -> "Set Password" options. Which will display a popup to enter related image / video password, you want to set and just press "Save" button.

4. What is strong and secured password?
Strong and secured password is combination of alphabate, numeric and special symbols. You should not use very simple or general password like 'pooja91', '123456', 'jodhpur'. secured password examples are 'MaYank#95[@', 'p@ya!1998' etc. Please use strong password to more secure your account.

We will always take care your account. Thanks.

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